Dog Park Adventures

This is when your dog really says “WOOHOO!!” Your dog will get to have a great 1 ½ hour romp at the local dog park off leash. We will actively supervise your pup with games of fetch and find or just referee in case of any bullies* on the play ground. We don’t just passively stand at the fence playing with our cellphones. We actively participate in your dog’s park experience and keep him safe. Upon return home we will provide a note about our adventure, fresh water, food if needed and a rinse off and  towel dry. OH, and we always, always scoop the poop!
* By “bullies” we mean pushy tempermented dogs not “Bully” Breeds. We love Bully breeds!


Requirements for Off Leash
Your dog must be :
Neutered or Spayed
Up to date on their vaccines.
Not have any health issues.
Be well socialized with no history of aggression towards other dogs or humans.
Obey a recall command such as “COME!”
Rates Off-Leash
 1 ½ hour: $28