Puppy Care

Bringing home a new puppy is always exciting. They bring so much joy to your life as you watch them learn and discover the world. They also come with a big responsibility to ensure they grow into good, well behaved and happy adults.

How We Can Help
Woof n Wag is here to help support you and your new family member with one of the most important parts of your puppy’s development. Potty training! Puppies can’t “hold it” as long as adult dogs can and need to go out every 2-3 hours. Most often need to be fed 3-4 times a day too. Getting in the habit of taking your puppy out to potty after each meal is a great way to reward them for going potty  and in turn conditioning them to go when you want them to. Many of us find it unreasonable to return home twice a day during work to make sure our puppies are ok and to prevent accidents. That is where we come in.

Since we believe potty training and social interaction is so crucial to your puppy’s development we offer two 30 min visits per day at the low rate of $26 per day (that’s $13 per visit)!
During the Visit
We will take your puppy out to potty, clean up any accidents, feed, water, provide play time, a note about the visits and we always, always scoop the poop! We will schedule the visits so they are a couple hours after you leave for the day and a couple of hours before you arrive home so your puppy doesn’t go too long all by himself. Usually mid-late morning and mid-late afternoon.

Requirements: To have our Puppy Care offer available to you, you must schedule at least 2 days per week on a recurring basis each week. We define a puppy as any dog under 1 year of age.
30 min 2x per day: $26 per day