Dog Walking

Most dogs need a minimum of 30 min of vigorous exercise a day to be healthy, happy, relaxed and ready to either focus on your obedience training with them or just hang out and keep you company. Each dog’s exercise requirements vary based on their energy level, breed, age and health.

Benefits and reasons to having a regular on-leash individual walking session for your dog:
  • Creates a healthier, happier and less stressed dog.
  • Help supplement exercise you give your high energy dog.
  • Eliminate or reduce obsessive behavioral problems such as licking paws, whining, barking, chewing or other destructive actions.
  • Re-enforce proper on-leash walking manners
  • Your schedule does not fit into a “dog day care” schedule.
  • You have dogs that cannot be put into a dog daycare environment such as: unaltered dogs for breeding, behavioral issues, health issues or you are just not comfortable leaving your dog in a group of dogs you don’t know.
  • You are physically unable to give your dog the exercise they need.
  • Eliminate the guilt you feel of leaving your pup home all day alone.

During the Visit
Included in your dog’s walking session is a an outing around your neighborhood at your dog’s appropriate pace, refill of fresh water and food, rinsing of mud or dirt & towel dry if needed, lots of love and a note detailing the adventure and anything you may need to know as a parent. Oh, and we always, always scoop the poop!
30 min Walk: $20
60 min Walk: $35

Maximum three dogs. It is at the discretion of Woof n Wag to determine if your dogs can be securely walked together for their safety and ours.

Calling all animal lovers

  • We service Dorchester & Southie Neighborhoods.
  • The best gift you can give your dog is exercise!
  • Call us today at (617) 309-7619.